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We are a company with professional naturopaths in Caloundra. Our naturopaths all specialise in many areas of naturopathy, including bowen therapy. Our qualified team can help you find the solution to your problem, as well as showing you simple ways to feel more energised and happy. Call us today to make an appointment with a naturopath in Caloundra.


Specialising in in treating infertility for 15 years Tamara has an impressive succes rate with assisting couples to concieve naturally, with completely natural remedies combined with lifestyle changes. Fertility is a factor for many people and the good news is that you don’t have to rely on standard medicine treatments if you should have trouble falling pregnant.  There are plenty of natural fertility treatment options available that are less invasive, more relaxing, and that work. 
Naturopathic medicine stabilises hormone health, and works well at regulating periods, cycle length and ovulation times. It helps ease endometriosis and polycystic ovary syndrome as well as improve sperm morphology (the assessment of sperm shape), motility count, and egg quality.


Depression & Stress

Dealing with depression is becoming a fact of life in Western society

Whatever the causes, it is an illness affecting more and more people every year. And just like so many other illnesses, it can be treated.There is no singular cause of depression that doctors has been identified. Instead, it appears to be a build-up of stress and trauma that brings a change in brain chemistry. The College of Natural Medicine in Queensland, says high levels of stress contribute to poor health, which in turn adds stress to the body and brain, sometimes leading to depression.

Depression can sometimes be caused or exacerbated by a vitamin or mineral deficiency, so it’s worth analysing your diet. From a naturopathic view, the body needs to have the nutrients to function properly.

Tamara says " Along with fatigue and insomnia, anxiety and depression are the most common complaints raised by my patients. Without exaggeration, I would say they are epidemic problems and definitely a harsh reflection of our lives, choices and priorities. Many people come to me looking for alternatives to their medications."

"aturopathic treatments can definitely be effective in helping to control symptoms of anxiety and depression, and in severe cases can be life saving. Many people are unable to stay on these medications because of their side effects. Another drawback of medications is that they provide little incentive for most to address the root causes of their problems. No one suffers depression because of a Prozac deficiency; therefore while it may be helpful temporarily, one should go beyond the masking of symptoms.

There are many physiological and organic causes or contributors to depression which should be addressed. Some of these are chronic pain, liver disease, adrenal dysfunction, hormone disruption, food allergies, PMS, thyroid dysfunction, sugar imbalances, nutritional deficiencies, sleep disturbances, heavy metal toxicity, prescription drugs and more. Postpartum depression and PMS, for example, show us how hormone changes can profoundly affect our moods.

Fatigue/Low Energy

One of the most common presentations I hear is the feeling of lethargy + fatigue.

When your body is run down or battling dis-ease, it makes sense for flagging energy levels + a serious case of the ‘can’t be bothereds’ to come knocking.

Fatigue is an increasingly common ailment, often described as a mental and/or physical tiredness.  It remains the most common reason adults visit health clinics. At least 50% of adults that seek medical treatment, self-diagnose as feeling fatigued.

  • Fatigue is a sign of mental and physical depletion.  Thus diet and lifestyle management is foremost in sustaining energy levels.
  • Specific foods that are nourishing to the body are recommended ie. whole grains, vegetables, legumes, nuts and seeds. Avoiding stimulants ie. caffeine, nicotine, sugar, alcohol etc is also advised.
  • Exercise is essential.  Initially, gentle exercise is encouraged and increased at one’s own pace.
  • Adequate rest and relaxation are equally as important and will naturally replenish your body’s energy reserves
  • Nutritional supplements that fuel the nervous system are recommended hence increasing mental and physical energy as well as mental clarity
  • Herbal medicines alleviate the symptoms of fatigue whilst treating the relevant causative factors.  A herbal mixture comprises of selected herbs, chosen for their ability to support the body during periods of stress and to produce an overall feeling of well-being.

Sleep problems

Insomnia is the inability to sleep during a period in which sleep should normally occur. Sufficient and restful sleep is a human necessity. The average adult needs slightly more than eight hours of sleep per day.

People with insomnia tend to experience one or more of the following sleep disturbances:

  • Difficulty falling asleep at night

  • Waking too early in the morning

  • Waking frequently throughout the night

When you are not sleeping properly, it can make a big impact on the quality of your everyday life. Taking prescription medication can give you nasty side effects. Insomnia can be caused by a range of causes and Caloundra Naturopathic Clinic considers all if these and will assist you to find better sleep by addressing the cuase of your insomnia. Naturopathic treatments are based on correcting the root cause of the problem rather than just fixing the problem with a band aid solution. Insomnia may be caused by various lifestyle factors and hence treatment should be based on correcting behaviours, patterns or factors that are causing the sleeping disorder so that sleep maybe restored naturally without the use and dependency of addictive sleeping pills. Once we determine what exactly caused insomnia, we treat and prevent it with various natural modalities

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Childrens Health

here at Caloundra Naturopathic Clinic we adore working with children and offers naturopathic remedies and treatments for children. Our specialty treatments include treatment for food intolerance, eczema, ADD/ADHD, digestive illnesses, food intolerances, poor immunity and asthma.

We provide integrative treatment for your child to recover fully and completely. This means the natural medicine we prescibe can be blended with conventional treatment in a safe and professional manner. 

Qualified Nutrionist, Naturopath & Herbalist tamara Skok understands the importance of treating the cause rather than just abating the symptoms. In keeping with this, she has developed a wellness program based on the key principles of naturopathy - nutritional treatment, supplementation treatment, detoxification and medication.

Weighing out your child’s environmental, physiological and nutritional needs is part of our structured approach towards finding a cure. As a result, our treatment plans are never the same for two children with the same symptoms or complaints.

Weight loss

Tried many methods of weight loss and nothing seems to work? Caloundra Naturopathic Clinic can help you lose those kilograms in a healthy natural way, that will not make you feel as though you are making a sacrifice. Caloundra Naturopathic Clinic can devise a program, based on combination of dietary, lifestyle changes combined with nutritional supplement assistance to reduce cravings and increase fat burning.Live life to the fullest, be healthy and feel great. Call Caloundra Naturopathic Clinic today to find out more.

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